Work packages

In order to achieve the project goals, the project is divided into a series of 6 WPs grouped into research and technological development (WP1-5) and project coordination and knowledge dissemination (WP6). The arrows indicate the input from one WP to another. Blue arrows indicate material flow, orange arrows indicate knowledge flow.

BaseForm WP structure


WP1: Selection and production of material

The goal of the WP1 is to select the most suitable chemical compositions to obtain preferred bainitic microstructure; to produce material and distribute it among partners and to determine general transformation characteristics of the laboratory cast material.
This WP is led by Tata Steel


WP2: Understanding and modeling the relationship between processing and microstructure

In this work package advanced techniques will be used to characterize the microstructure evolution as a function of the process conditions. This information will be used as an input to develop a model for process - microstructure relation prediction.
This WP is led by ArcelorMittal


WP3: Characterization of the microstructure – mechanical properties relationship

Work package 3 will focus on the establishing the relationship between the different microstructures and its constituents and mechanical properties of the test material. In addition, the determination of local scale interactions and relative strength of the microstructural constituents (i.e bainitic ferrite and martensite) will be determined. This information will be used for further modelling activities, which constitute: empirical equations for yield and tensile strength; strain hardening model for bainitic ferrite; self-consistent mean field models for AHSS bainitic microstructures and state-of-the-art crystal plasticity models.
This WP is led by CEIT


WP4: Microstructural features of damage initiation

The objective of this WP is to identify the microstructural state variables that control damage initiation. The attempt will be given to model damage initiation process. Application of a microstructural strain localization model to identify critical microstructural elements for damage initiation and experimental validation of this model under static loading conditions will also be done within the scope of this work package.
This WP is led by TU Delft


WP5: Testing and validation of the optimized material

Focus of this work package is on semi-industrial processing of optimized material with the aim to validate the optimized material at the industrial scale. As the result, the basic guidelines producing a high strength bainitic advanced high strength steels with high elongation and bending properties with industrial constrictions will be delivered.
This WP is led by ThyssenKrupp Steel


WP6: Project coordination and dissemination

The main focus of this work package is on project management and dissemination activities. The final objective of this work-package is the full utilization of the findings achieved during and after the end of the project, and the promotion of close relationship with all project stakeholders for further exploitation and implementation of project results.
This WP is led by M2i